Whether you are a service provider or a manufacturer of products: advertising is essential for every business. Indeed, it is only in the context of targeted marketing actions that a large number of customers discover a certain product or service. But the whole industry has undergone a profound transformation in recent years. Since almost every home has an Internet connection, many businesses are focusing on digital campaigns. Is print advertising thus old history and what is the current trend in the advertising sector? We explain below which of the two marketing methods makes the most sense for your business.

Comparison of print advertising and digital advertising

First, it is important to understand how the two advertising methods are fundamentally different. Print or offline marketing includes any form of advertising that is printed on paper. This category includes posters, newspaper ads and customizable flyers . On the other hand, in the case of online marketing, the focus is primarily on messages and actions that are primarily distributed over the Internet and therefore propagate virally. These completely different means of diffusion are for you as an entrepreneur various advantages and disadvantages in the use of advertising media.

Advantages and disadvantages of printed products

Certainly, printed products have been losing more and more importance for years. But they have not yet disappeared from circulation – quite the opposite. Many analog trends seem to be experiencing a kind of rebirth at the moment. The same goes for printed products, which have the following advantages:

  • Sensory loyalty by touch
  • Better consideration of content by consumers
  • Messages stay better etched in memory
  • Increased confidence, especially among older target groups
  • Many design options
  • Ability to tailor marketing to the target group

Printed products have been an important pillar of marketing for years and allow you to focus on the elderly, as they continue to learn primarily through printed products. In addition, you have the opportunity to establish an emotional connection with your potential customers. But in the end, analog advertising also has some disadvantages:

  • High costs
  • Risk of dispersion
  • Adaptations and subsequent updates impossible
  • Production of waste that must be eliminated

Advantages and disadvantages of digital advertising

But what is the situation on the internet side? Online marketing offers you the following benefits:

  • Always on the page
  • Increased diffusion rate
  • Greater reach
  • Comparatively low costs
  • Later adaptation possible
  • Evaluating the success of a campaign with tools

Campaigns running on the internet save you money while reaching a wider audience around the world. But we must not ignore its disadvantages:

  • Less attention from readers
  • Sensory overload possible
  • Strong competition
  • Risk of spam

So, should you go digital or print? Which strategy is suitable for which company?

At Calla, we love Digital, but we appreciate that there is no bullet point answer for this. In the end, the choice of the advertising channel depends on the following factors:

  • Available budget
  • Target group
  • Company image
  • Desired effect

That’s why you need to be aware of your current position in the market. Formulate the objectives you want to achieve through the use of advertising media and finally choose the advertising strategy tailored to your brand. Online advertising may be more lucrative for newcomers to the market due to their limited financial framework, while long-established companies with a large customer base are more likely to rely on print advertising.

Solution: multichannel marketing

In summary, despite the digital revolution, print products still play an important role in the advertising industry and you should not underestimate it. But basically, the two marketing areas do not have to exclude each other completely, as evidenced by the new trend: multichannel marketing manages to skillfully combine the benefits of both advertising worlds. Thus, you can improve the performance of your business through targeted measures both online and offline.

Luckily, we do Multi-channel marketing depending on the client’s needs. Let us assess your realities and help you create a proper strategy for your business.

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