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A Digital Marketing Agency with your Business at Heart

Digital marketing has expanded to encompass every potential digital channel and customer interaction. That means if your company is going to stand out, you’ll need an agency with a wide range of capabilities.

Calla Marketing is like your own marketing department. We offer high quality marketing services and the attention you would get from your employees.

And you benefit easy access the Kenya’s top experts in digital marketing geared towards meeting your business goals through professional, dedicated services.

Everybody is on
social Media

Our social media professionals offer you cost-effective strategies and execute them for you. No need to be on all platforms to get results! We will help you channel your energies where it counts for your business. Whether LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we will guide you so that the sums invested offer you an excellent return on investment.


social Media Management


Web Design
& Development

You are
your website

Your website is the most important component of your marketing strategy. It serves as the hub of all of your online activity. It is where you will make money, or lose money. We design websites that help you generate the most conversions. We do this by delivering an attractive design, mobile responsiveness, user-friendly and importantly, sales-focused websites.

Reach your target
with Social ads

Two billion people use Facebook every month. Your customers and your future customers go there every day! Whether it’s for business-specific services or products that target individuals, Facebook can be a growth engine for your organization. Let us target the right people at the right time to drive sales for your business.


Facebook &
Instagram Ads


Google Ads

search Engine Marketing

Calla offers a comprehensive, result-driven Google AdWords campaigns. Our team members are Google Ads Certified and experienced in producing winning search engine campaigns. Get visibility with potential  customers as they search for your products and services on Google. Calla Marketing maximizes the impact of your advertising budget by ensuring continuous campaign improvement and best practices in your PPC campaign management.

Email is the most used channel

We bet you use email several times every week, and a lot of people do. Forget what some people say, Email is still the highest converting marketing channel – if done well. Calla Marketing sets you up for success via email marketing. That’s how we became a MailChimp partner! Oh, SMS, too.


Email [&SMS]


Graphic Design
& Content

Look Professional
'cuz you are

Calla provides graphic design for all the things you’d find in print or on screen, from promotional and marketing material to press & online advertising, brand identity, as well as writing the actual content and headlines to sell what it is that you do.

With an emphasis on being creative, we identify your unique points of difference and develop a coherent message that really catches people’s attention, whilst capturing the very essence of what you’re about.

Custom Marketing training

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Sometimes, it’s more sustainable to equip your team with skills to take your marketing to the next level. 

Calla marketing offers a comprehensive training course tailor-made for your organisation and industry. It is highly pracical and we ensure the designated team members have the right skills to do what agencies do. And more.


training for your team on all things Digital branding

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